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Packages specially designed for the Final Year students passing out from the colleges running professional and management curriculums… helping students to secure jobs through the placement support offered by the institutions.



Empowering My Career

HRXPRESS played a pivotal role in launching my career in cyber-security. Their comprehensive job listings and supportive team helped me land my current position as an L1 Cyber-security Engineer in Mumbai. Their platform is a game-changer.

Kumolika Bhujbal

L1 Cybersecurity Engineer, Mumbai

First Step On My Career Path

As a recent graduate, I was apprehensive about finding the right job. HRXPRESS made the process seamless and stress-free, leading me to my role as an L1 Cyber-security Engineer in Mumbai. I couldn’t be more grateful for their help.

Snehal Patil

L1 Cybersecurity Engineer, Mumbai

Precision in Placement

HRXPRESS provided me with tailored job opportunities that fit my profile perfectly. Thanks to their dedicated team, I am now working as an L2 Cyber-security Engineer in Mumbai. Their platform is both user-friendly and effective.

Rajesh Chavan

L2 Cyber-Security Engineer, Mumbai

Effortless Transition

Finding a job that matched my skills and career aspirations was made easy by HRXPRESS. Their support and vast network helped me secure my current position as an L2 Cyber-security Engineer in Mumbai. I highly recommend their services.

Sadique Shaikh

L2 Cybersecurity Engineer, Mumbai

Found My Dream Job

HRXPRESS made my job search incredibly efficient. Their platform connected me with a role that perfectly aligns with my experience and expertise. I’m now thriving as an L3 Cyber-security Engineer in Mumbai, thanks to their excellent service.

Ravi Sangmiskar

L3 Cybersecurity Engineer, Mumbai

Programs specially designed for the Corporate Executives to sharpen their various skill-sets, helping to increase productivity on-job, ultimately leading to a faster career-progression too.

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